Elluminai Labs Announces Dynology Corporation / Jones Group
International Strategic Partnership

FAIRFAX, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ELLUMINAI LABS, an artificial intelligence
software company providing advanced AI-driven online learning ecosystems for business and
government, announced today a partnership with Dynology Corporation and Jones Group
International, globally recognized advisors in business, government, transformation,
cybersecurity, intelligence and information technology services. The Elluminai Labs partnership
expands Dynology’s products and services to include advanced data predictive and prescriptive
analytics, autonomous intelligent training, and personalized performance assessment solutions.
And Jones Group International will open international markets for the partnership’s solutions.

Dynology will support Elluminai Labs to further develop their autonomous PROF Framework and
provide: business development and client acquisitions strategies; data management and
cybersecurity; customer support operations; and investment planning and execution.

John Lord, President of Dynology stated: “We chose to partner with Elluminai Labs because their
advanced AI Framework and ML model for autonomous training, knowledge management, and
data analytics support provides an accelerated capability to achieve our planned growth.”

Dr. Scott Martin, co-founder of Elluminai Labs commented: “We are very proud to announce this
strategic partnership today with Dynology and Jones Group International – global consulting and
services companies with highly-experienced leaders from business, government and defense.”
According to Gartner, the global acceptance of AI in training and business solutions is expected
to reach $191 billion by 2024, a CAGR of 8.2%.

About Elluminai Labs LLC
Elluminai Labs is a high-tech artificial intelligence software company offering a cloud-based
framework that facilitates AI-driven complex data analytics, autonomous training, and
personalized performance assessment across any LMS for business, government, and defense.
For more information, visit Elluminai.com

About Dynology Corporation
Dynology serves our federal and commercial customers with cybersecurity, intelligence, training
and information technology solutions that protect their most critical systems and support
homeland, defense, intelligence, and law enforcement missions.

About Jones Group International
Jones Group International is an international consulting company focused on advisory services
around the world in organizational transformation, trade, energy, telecommunications and
international business.

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Kelly Ryan
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