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ElluminAI Labs is proud to Introduce PROF: 

True AI Autonomous and personalized cognitive-matching instructors, guides, coaches and advisors for training, performance, and education. 

Available Live 24/7.

What is PROF?

 The PROF Framework is a collection of proprietary plug-and-play AI modules that can be integrated into any LMS, and can provide fully autonomous and personalized live online instruction, tutoring, coaching, and advising to an unlimited number of learners 24/7

PROF modules mine and sift new and old datasets to provide descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics for Personalized Cognitive Matching-Instruction, Coaching, and Advising

PROF Uses new Bayes Learning probabilistic and causal reasoning models that only require small data samples to infer and reason outcomes solving the AI cold start problem.


PROF Modules

Integrated domain knowledge (idk)

employs a revised NLP auto-regression transformer XL network model to parse, label, and pre-stores course subject matter. 

Classroom management intelligence (CMI)

determines if a group, sub-group, or individual learner is causing disruption, negatively influencing, or distracting the learning process for other learners, and determine an appropriate disciplinary response.

Expression Module (EM)

allows PROF to express different emotions during instruction sessions based on learner traits, responses, and performance.

highly adaptive content knowledge distributor (Hackd)

generates a syllabus for any course given the course given the course title, subject, learning outcomes, grading scheme, and duration – and will adjust assignment deadlines based on learner performance.

Dynamic adaptable teaching methodology (datm)

classifies and defines MBTI personality traits, learning styles, grouping status, and extra-curricular issues that may impact learning and adapts teaching methodologies to match learner cognitive abilities and aptitude.

PROF UI Options

The representation of PROF to the user can take many forms.

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Ready for Demo, Please Contact PROF Directly at PROF@elluminai.com